VA Lottery Cash 5 Night | Check Latest Winning Numbers, Payouts,

Whether you are playing the VA Lottery Cash 5 Night for fun or are seriously hoping to win, the idea of randomly picking numbers is not appealing.

However, there are some things you can do to make sure that your chances of winning are higher. The first thing you need to do is play the right numbers.

Virginia Lottery Cash 5 offers a variety of ticket options. Players can either let the computer pick their numbers for them or they can pick their own numbers.

VA Lottery Cash 5 Night

Cash 5

Monday, Nov28, 2022
RESULT: 3-12-22-30-38
Est Jackpot: $105,000
Next Draw Date: Tuesday, Nov29, 2022
Next Est Jackpot: $110,000

VA Lottery Cash 5 Night Last 10 Winning Numbers

We have a list of the last ten winning numbers of the Cash 5 lottery for Virginia.

The Cash 5 lottery is a lotto game in which you pick five numbers from 1 to 41. To play, you must buy a ticket from one of the more than 2,000 retailers that sell them across Virginia.

The drawing takes place at 11:00 p.m. ET daily.

So these are the last ten winning Cash 5 Night winning numbers for VA Lottery Cash 5 Night draw. You will win money if your numbers match three, four, or five of the winning numbers.

DateWinning NumbersJackpot
Mar 09, 20223 -5 -29 -36 -41$120,000
Mar 08, 20222 -19 -24 -29 -30$115,000
Mar 07, 20222 -4 -14 -15 -28$110,000
Mar 06, 20224 -6 -7 -14 -40$105,000
Mar 05, 20225 -9 -19 -22 -28$100,000
Mar 04, 20227 -12 -13 -14 -21$110,000
Mar 03, 20228 -17 -20 -31 -40$105,000
Mar 02, 20224 -11 -13 -21 -24$100,000
Mar 01, 202212 -20 -22 -24 -30$120,000
Feb 28, 202212 -25 -33 -34 -35$115,000

Virginia Lottery Cash 5 Payouts and Prize Matrix

The Virginia Lottery Cash 5 Payouts and Prize Matrix shows how much you’ll win based on what you match in each row or column on your ticket for the night’s drawing. The left side lists how many matches are needed to win each prize amount shown on the right side of each row or column.

The Virginia Lottery Cash 5 Payouts and Prize Matrix gives the following information:

  • The prizes for matching three, four, or five of your selected numbers to those drawn:
  • The prizes for matching two sets of your selected numbers:
  • Prizes for matching one number to those drawn
  • What happens if you match all five Cash 5 numbers drawn on a play slip? Yes, the jackpot of VA Cash 5
5 of 5$100,0001: 278,256
4 of 5$1001:1,919
3 of 5$51:69

How to check if Cash 5 EZ Match game ticket is the winner?

The winning Cash 5 EZ match tickets can be checked by the following methods:

  • On our website
  • From any Lottery retailer’s ticket checker
  • At any Lottery Dispensing machine
  • From Virginia State Lottery site.

In conclusion, the Virginia Cash 5 game is a very popular game in Virginia. You can play the game online or buy a ticket at any lottery retailer. The game is easy to play, and you can win millions of dollars.