VA Lottery Pick 3 Day Results | Check Your Latest Winning Numbers, Odds

Virginia (VA) Lottery Pick 3 Day and Night are arguably one of the lottery’s best games. There is a multitude of benefits that come with playing this game, mainly the ease of play. It’s not as complicated as other lotteries and can be played by anyone. You can play Pick 3 online, or by purchasing a ticket at your local store.
As a lottery player, you want to know the best lottery numbers to play for a better chance to win. You have to keep up with the “winning numbers” to score big.
GameDateResultJackpotNext Jackpot
Pick 3 Day
Wed, Apr 21, 2021
Winning Numbers
4 -8 -9$500$500
Thu, Apr-22-2021, 02:00 PM

VA Lottery Pick 3 Day Last 10 Winning Numbers

Ready to see out if you’ve won the lottery? With the money you can win with the Virginia Lottery, you can buy just about anything you want. Let’s go through the last ten winning day numbers for the current month in Pick 3 lottery to find out if luck’s on your side. All the best!

DateWinning NumbersJackpot
Apr 20, 20219 -3 -9$500
Apr 19, 20210 -0 -0$500
Apr 18, 20219 -9 -0$500
Apr 17, 20213 -4 -9$500
Apr 16, 20216 -8 -7$500
Apr 15, 20210 -0 -1$500
Apr 14, 20210 -4 -5$500
Apr 13, 20216 -5 -2$500
Apr 12, 20216 -9 -6$500
Apr 11, 20219 -5 -2$500

Virginia Lottery Pick 3 Day Payouts and Prize Matrix

The best thing about VA Lottery Pick 3 Day is that there are so many opportunities to win. If you match all three numbers in order, you win.

But you also win if you match two numbers in order or get a pair. There are many different plays with different prizes.

You can win $500 when you match three numbers exactly in order if you match all three numbers in exact order. 

Then there are plenty of prize chances for other types of play as well. Match three digits in any order, and you stand to win $160. 

Do you want to play a pair? Match two digits and you get $50 regardless of the third digit drawn.

Let’s go through each type of payout.

Matchto PlayOddsPrizeses
3-Way any order1:333$160
6-Way Box1:166$80
Straight/any 3-Way1:1000/1:500$330/$80
Straight/any 6-Way1:1000/1:200$290/$40
3-Way Combo Play1:333$500
6-Way Combo Play1:166$500
Front pair1:100$50
Back pair1:100$50
Split pair1:100$50