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In 1987, the people of Virginia voted for the state lottery. And the first ticket was sold on 20th September 1988. But the best part about the lottery is that they donate a large portion of their profits to fund public education. The number of drawings has increased over the years, with drawings now taking place twice a day, seven days a week.
Va Lottery Pick 3 Day

Pick 3 Night

Monday, Nov28, 2022
RESULT: 1-9-9
Fireball: 8
Top Prize: $500
Next Draw Date: Tuesday, Nov29, 2022
Next Prize: $500

VA Lottery Pick 3 Night Last 10 Winning Numbers

VA Lottery Pick 3 Night gives players many opportunities to win money, who can then use this money for a wide range of things. Yet, only a few lucky players get that far. Let’s go through the last ten Pick 3 night winning numbers to see if you’re one of them.

DateWinning NumbersJackpot
Mar 16, 20228 -8 -6 Fireball: 0$500
Mar 15, 20227 -0 -4 Fireball: 7$500
Mar 14, 20229 -7 -9 Fireball: 7$500
Mar 13, 20225 -5 -4 Fireball: 2$500
Mar 12, 20228 -6 -7 Fireball: 3$500
Mar 11, 20222 -9 -2 Fireball: 5$500
Mar 10, 20229 -2 -6 Fireball: 3$500
Mar 09, 20227 -1 -0 Fireball: 6$500
Mar 08, 20220 -8 -3 Fireball: 3$500
Mar 07, 20222 -9 -1 Fireball: 1$500

Virginia Lottery Pick 3 Evening Payouts and Prize Matrix

Are you looking to play Pick 3 Night with VA Lottery? Because you’ll have many chances to win money if you do. You can earn hundreds of dollars in one game. But before discussing the payouts and prizes, you should know a little about the company’s history. Did you know the people voted for the lottery to be formed?

VA Lottery Pick 3 Night

So, every time you place a bet or buy a ticket, you help people. Even if you don’t get a payout, you’re helping someone. Enter Pick 3 with VA Lottery for just $1 now.

Pick 3 VA Night Winning Odds

If you’re looking for the odds of winning for Pick 3 VA Night, or if you’re just interested in what the next drawing might bring, we’ve got the scoop. Check out the latest winning numbers, as well as the prize payout for the latest drawing, above!

Further, at, you can browse through the most up-to-date winning results in Virginia Pick 3 Night and stay completely up-to-date in the latest results.

This table will let you know exactly what you may win:

Matchto PlayOddsPrizeses
3-Way any order1:333$160
6-Way Box1:166$80
Straight/any 3-Way1:1000/1:500$330/$80
Straight/any 6-Way1:1000/1:200$290/$40
3-Way Combo Play1:333$500
6-Way Combo Play1:166$500
Front pair1:100$50
Back pair1:100$50
Split pair1:100$50