Va Lottery Pick 4 Day | Check Latest Winning Numbers | Payouts, Prize Matrix |

VA Lottery Pick 4 Day is a type of lottery game offered by the Virginia Lottery. The Pick 4 VA base game pays up to $5,000. Also, the FIREBALL addon gives players the ability to create some new number combinations in order to have another chance to win.

The game is played on a four-digit grid and players have to pick four numbers from 0000 to 9999. Players can play any combination of numbers, but they have to place them in the order of their choice.

Va Lottery Pick 4 Day

Pick 4 Day

Friday, Jan27, 2023
RESULT: 6-9-5-3
Fireball: 8
Top Prize: $5,000
Next Draw Date: Sunday, Jan29, 2023
Next Prize: $5,000

Winning the Game with Virginia Pick 4 Lottery

There are many different ways to play the Virginia Pick 4 Lottery. One way is to play the same numbers every day, but it’s important to remember that you can only win once per drawing. Another way is to play a random number every day. Choosing random numbers means that you’ll have a better chance of winning, but it also means there’s a higher chance you’ll never win.

The most common way people choose (not confirmed though) their Pick 4 numbers is by choosing four digits from 0-9 and then adding them together. For example, if your first number was 4, your second number would be 7, your third number would be 8, and your fourth number would be 3 (4+7+8+3=24).

VA Lottery Pick 4 Day Last 10 Winning Numbers

Winning the VA Pick 4 Day can mean winning hundreds of dollars. But only a few players have the luck needed to get that far. Let’s go through the latest ten winning day numbers to figure out if you’re one of the lucky players.

DateWinning NumbersJackpot
Mar 16, 20227 -9 -9 -1 Fireball: 3$5,000
Mar 15, 20226 -8 -6 -8 Fireball: 7$5,000
Mar 14, 20225 -6 -1 -6 Fireball: 6$5,000
Mar 13, 20226 -2 -7 -7 Fireball: 7$5,000
Mar 12, 20226 -7 -8 -3 Fireball: 3$5,000
Mar 11, 20224 -8 -8 -7 Fireball: 7$5,000
Mar 10, 20228 -0 -2 -0 Fireball: 7$5,000
Mar 09, 20221 -4 -1 -5 Fireball: 3$5,000
Mar 08, 20221 -9 -6 -0 Fireball: 7$5,000
Mar 07, 20229 -2 -9 -4 Fireball: 4$5,000

Virginia Lottery Pick 4 Day Payouts And Prize Matrix

There are many opportunities to win VA Lottery Pick 4 Day. But your win depends on the play you entered when you bought your ticket. Knowing the winning amount for each gameplay can help you decide which one you should play in.

Matchto PlayOddsPrizeses
4-Way Any order1:2,500$1200
6-Way Any order1:1,666$800
12-Way Any order1:833 $400
24-Way Any order1:416$200
Exact/Any order 4-Way1:10000/1:3333$3,100/$600
Exact/Any order 6-Way1:10000/1:2000$2,900/ $400
Exact/Any order 12-Way1:10000/1:909$2,700/ $200
Exact/Any order 24-Way1:10000/1:434$2,600/ $100
4-Way Combo Play1:2,500$5,000
6-Way Combo Play1:1,666$5,000
12-Way Combo Play1:833$5,000
24-Way Combo Play1:416$5,000

In conclusion, there are many strategies that can be used to play the Pick 4 lottery. You can use the strategies that work best for you and keep track of your picks so you can see how well they work.