VA Lottery Scratchers | Check Latest Remaining Prizes, Past Win Numbers

VA Lottery Scratchers is a good feature for those who have just dropped their good luck to the floor. Go and get the Va lottery scratch tickets to win exciting prizes. New VA Lottery Scratchers buyers will love to play the game in their free time. Also, you will have a chance to win cash prizes. Spend your money on the Va scratchers new 2021, and be the winner of the mega prize. So, here on this page, you can check scratch-off tickets online. Also, check the Va lottery scratcher codes and see what you have won!

VA Lottery Scratchers

Scratchers were introduced in Virginia state along with the VA lottery. The scratch games cost $1 in the ’90s. Later, Bingo was introduced for $2. After their success, more denominations of new VA Lottery Scratchers entered the Virginia Scratcher market.

The new Scratchers are priced at $3, $5, and $10 with the high winning prize. After that, more expensive high prized Scratchers brought in the game.

Nowadays, $10, $20, $30 scratchers carry a winning tag prize of $ 1 million. However, Virginia Lottery Scratchers also offers a staggering prize of $10 million on $30 select games.

Another scratcher game called ‘Win a Spin’ is televised live and the participants play for the maximum prize of $500,000.

Virginia Lottery Scratchers became a hit during the latest holiday season. VA Scratchers’ popularity increasing during the current year. The Scratchers’ total sales increased and $1.17 billion sales registered.

During the pandemic, the sale of the Virginia Lottery got a boost from a new online system.

How to check and search for VA Lottery Scratchers Codes

Here, we collect data (free) from the website of VA Lottery. So, you may use the below table in any way you like. You can search or sort out Scratchers tickets on sale in Virginia.

VA$20.00 Games$1 MILLION ROYALE201723.722021-09-21
VA$10.00 Games$1,000,000 Platinum Jackpot210633.922021-09-21
VA$2.00 Games$10,000 CASH204514.592021-09-21
VA$5.00 Games$100,000 CASH204614.192021-09-21
VA$5.00 Games$15 MILLION UP FOR GRABS202514.182021-09-21
VA$5.00 Games$200 Frenzy208240404.212021-09-21
VA$5.00 Games$250,000 Gold Jackpot210524.242021-09-21
VA$1.00 Games$30 Frenzy211032264.682021-09-21
VA$20.00 Games$30,000 CASH PARTY1888773.122021-09-21
VA$10.00 Games$31,000,000 Payout176703.522021-09-21
VA$10.00 Games$38,000,000 Blowout20551579.352021-09-21
VA$2.00 Games$40,000 PAYDAY207104.52021-09-21
VA$2.00 Games$40,000 Silver Jackpot210444.472021-09-21
VA$20.00 Games$5 MILLION DOLLAR SERIES182813.052021-09-21
VA$1.00 Games$5,000 Bronze Jackpot210364.692021-09-21
VA$2.00 Games$50 Frenzy208123334.462021-09-21
VA$10.00 Games$50,000,000 MEGA BLOWOUT209424339.352021-09-21
VA$5.00 Games$500 ALL CASH19921504.282021-09-21
VA$10.00 Games$500,000 CASH204813.562021-09-21
VA$10.00 Games$5000 BONUS207586.772021-09-21
VA$10.00 Games$600 Frenzy208335963.442021-09-21
VA$20.00 Games$70,000,000 EXPLOSION211930899.132021-09-21
VA$30.00 Games100X THE MONEY189512.772021-09-21
VA$30.00 Games100X THE MONEY202122.772021-09-21
VA$5.00 Games10X The Money206414.482021-09-21
VA$10.00 Games20X THE MONEY206513.652021-09-21
VA$1.00 Games2X The Money206214.722021-09-21
VA$1.00 Games2X The Money211164.722021-09-21
VA$20.00 Games50X THE MONEY201013.032021-09-21
VA$2.00 Games5X The Money206324.532021-09-21
VA$3.00 Games7X Bingo Multiplier210223.812021-09-21
VA$3.00 Games7X THE MONEY197724.242021-09-21
VA$1.00 GamesBLACKJACK1986174.712021-09-21
VA$1.00 GamesBlackjack21081084.692021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesBLAZIN HOT CROSSWORD 5X208413.832021-09-21
VA$2.00 GamesBREAK THE BANK205804.632021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesCa$h Craze209934.172021-09-21
VA$30.00 GamesCASH BLAST205093.762021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesCash Bonus206024.262021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesCash King207214.412021-09-21
VA$20.00 GamesColossal Cash209723.212021-09-21
VA$30.00 GamesCommonwealth208912.922021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesCrossword 5X Series210743.832021-09-21
VA$3.00 GamesCROSSWORD TRIPLER206824.632021-09-21
VA$1.00 GamesDOLLAR $IGN$198314.992021-09-21
VA$10.00 GamesDOUBLE CASH DOUBLER195013.482021-09-21
VA$3.00 GamesDouble Dollar Bingo194944.032021-09-21
VA$10.00 GamesDOUBLE DOLLAR CROSSWORD204113.642021-09-21
VA$1.00 GamesDOUBLE DOUBLER201404.742021-09-21
VA$2.00 GamesDOUBLE MATCH207324.852021-09-21
VA$10.00 GamesELECTRIC 7s SUPER TICKET206713.942021-09-21
VA$30.00 GamesEXTREME MILLIONS184112.972021-09-21
VA$3.00 GamesFROSTY BINGO MULTIPLIER205923.822021-09-21
VA$2.00 GamesGO FOR THE GREEN179914.672021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesHIGH ROLLER BLACKJACK210124.162021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesJAMES BOND 007200714.252021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesJEWEL 7'S177304.272021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesLuck X15 Series205423.832021-09-21
VA$20.00 GamesLUCKY 7S CASH BLOWOUT202713.112021-09-21
VA$10.00 GamesLUCKY 7S MULTIPLIER199703.272021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesLUCKY BREAK207014.132021-09-21
VA$2.00 GamesLUCKY NO. 13213534.392021-09-21
VA$1.00 GamesLucky Tripler206604.632021-09-21
VA$10.00 GamesMega Crossword209533.432021-09-21
VA$10.00 GamesMillion Series206103.912021-09-21
VA$20.00 GamesMONEY205613.582021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesMULTIPLY THE MONEY209124.662021-09-21
VA$3.00 GamesMYSTERY PRIZE CROSSWORD194314.582021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesPAY RAISE200214.252021-09-21
VA$1.00 GamesPocket Change20783844.82021-09-21
VA$10.00 GamesPower 10s209633.512021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesPOWER SHOT199304.392021-09-21
VA$20.00 GamesPREMIER CASH198503.052021-09-21
VA$1.00 GamesSeven207705.052021-09-21
VA$2.00 GamesSome Like It Hot21301864.692021-09-21
VA$20.00 GamesSUPER CASH FRENZY187424.472021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesSUPREME CASH204004.062021-09-21
VA$2.00 GamesTRIPLE 333204314.472021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesWEEKLY TWO GRAND194814.022021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesWHEEL OF FORTUNE206924.082021-09-21
VA$3.00 GamesWild Cherry Crossword 3X208714.522021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesWIN A SPIN195853.892021-09-21
VA$5.00 GamesWINNING HAND182114.272021-09-21