VA Lottery Scratchers | Check Latest Remaining Prizes, Past Win Numbers

VA Lottery Scratchers is a good feature for those who have just dropped their good luck to the floor. Go and get the Va lottery scratch tickets to win exciting prizes. New VA Lottery Scratchers buyers will love to play the game in their free time. Also, you will have a chance to win cash prizes. Spend your money on the Va scratchers new 2021, and be the winner of the mega prize. So, here on this page, you can check scratch-off tickets online. Also, check the Va lottery scratcher codes and see what you have won!

Scratchers were introduced in Virginia state along with the VA lottery. The scratch games cost $1 in the ’90s. Later, Bingo was introduced for $2. After their success, more denominations of new VA Lottery Scratchers entered the Virginia Scratcher market.

The new Scratchers are priced at $3, $5, and $10 with the high winning prize. After that, more expensive high prized Scratchers brought in the game.

VA Lottery ScratchersNowadays, $10, $20, $30 scratchers carry a winning tag prize of $ 1 million. However, Virginia Lottery Scratchers also offers a staggering prize of $10 million on $30 select games.

Another scratcher game called ‘Win a Spin’ is televised live and the participants play for the maximum prize of $500,000.

Virginia Lottery Scratchers became a hit during the latest holiday season. VA Scratchers’ popularity increasing during the current year. The Scratchers’ total sales increased and $1.17 billion sales registered.

During the pandemic, the sale of the Virginia Lottery got a boost from a new online system.

How to check and search for VA Lottery Scratchers Codes

Here, we collect data (free) from the website of VA Lottery. So, you may use the below table in any way you like. You can search or sort out Scratchers tickets on sale in Virginia.

$10Mystery Multiplier3.76016465-Aug-22
$10Emerald Green 7s3.68016745-Aug-22
$10Power 10s3.982216755-Aug-22
$10Stacks Of Cash3.49116845-Aug-22
$10Mega Multiplier Cashword3.35016735-Aug-22
$10Cash Blowout1.3015985-Aug-22
$10Hit It Big3.75216835-Aug-22
$10$1,000 Frenzy1.3215775-Aug-22
$1025 Days of Winning3.580165611-Jul-22
$10Max Money3.7016445-Aug-22
$10Win Either $50 or $1009.4612016575-Aug-22
$1Pocker Change4.24116005-Aug-22
$1Cozy Cash1.3515995-Aug-22
$1Fast Buck4.291716875-Aug-22
$1Easy as 1 2 34.38015335-Aug-22
$1Tic Tac Toe4.261016345-Aug-22
$1I Love To Win4.21616865-Aug-22
$1Happy Cash1.3115705-Aug-22
$1Easy Money4.23116335-Aug-22
$1A Little CashWord4.14216595-Aug-22
$2Hello Winter4.04416615-Aug-22
$2Holiday Cash Drop1.3016015-Aug-22
$2Doggie Dollars1.3016035-Aug-22
$2Fish and Chips4.131016635-Aug-22
$2TRIPLE PLAY1.3415605-Aug-22
$2Money Bags Tripler4.44016215-Aug-22
$2VIP Club2.98016545-Aug-22
$2Winter Fun1.3016025-Aug-22
$2Liquid Gold4.41116895-Aug-22
$2Cash Craze4.19016225-Aug-22
$2It Takes 24.371016625-Aug-22
$2Lucky Dog | Cool Cat4.25616915-Aug-22
$2Santa Paws4.131166011-Jul-22
$20$75,000 Riches2.92016715-Aug-22
$20$100K Jackpot4.15116795-Aug-22
$2525 Grands2.81816725-Aug-22
$25Platinum Cash2.790163611-Jul-22
$3Bonus Word Cashword3.77416935-Aug-22
$3Fireball Bingo1.3015615-Aug-22
$3Cashword Multiplier3.79116925-Aug-22
$3Word Bank3.961164911-Jul-22
$3Campfire Cashword!3.780164711-Jul-22
$3Campfire Cash3.96916945-Aug-22
$3Wintertime CashWord3.85216485-Aug-22
$3Bingo X203.83016505-Aug-22
$5Pink Dimonds 5s4.47016395-Aug-22
$5Triple Play4.34016535-Aug-22
$5Winter Fortune4.06016665-Aug-22
$5Naughty or Nice1.3016085-Aug-22
$5Fishing For Cash4.39416985-Aug-22
$5Cash Heist4.11216695-Aug-22
$5Payline Multiplier4.3517005-Aug-22
$5Double Win4.750163711-Jul-22
$5$500 Fast Cash4.491016295-Aug-22
$5Single Double Triple4.21016425-Aug-22
$5Winner Winner Chicken Dinner4.281516525-Aug-22
$5Mood Money4.28916975-Aug-22
$5Big Bucks1.3016095-Aug-22
$5Win It All4.21016415-Aug-22
$5Wild 5s1.3015755-Aug-22
$5Outdoor Cash4.21015955-Aug-22
$5Casino Royale4.38116405-Aug-22
$5Super CashWord3.95016775-Aug-22
$5Ultimate Cash4.22216675-Aug-22
$5Power Shot Multiplier1.3015945-Aug-22
$5Ruby Red 7s1.3015935-Aug-22
$5Break the Bank4.17016305-Aug-22
$5Hot Cash3.990163811-Jul-22
$5Wild Cherry Tripler4.2716685-Aug-22
$5The Addams Family Fortune4.29016705-Aug-22
$5Holiday Magic4.53016645-Aug-22
$5Season's Greetings429016655-Aug-22
$5Big Country Ca$h4.08116765-Aug-22
$5Coffee House CashWord4.44016245-Aug-22
$5Roses & Riches1.3016165-Aug-22